• Strategic Crowdfunding
    February 10, 2014   Blog Posts   1 comment

    Over the coming weeks, the long-awaited green light from the Securities Exchange Commission will usher in a new era of crowdfunding in the United States.   But a surprising new development in the field  is that many companies may turn to crowdfunding, not just for to raise capital, but to raise their profile. My friend Jason Brown, based in Seattle, is a classic serial entrepreneur.  He has several successful small natural Read more

  • My Nominee for the Next Nobel Prize in Economics
    January 17, 2014   Blog Posts   No Comment

    This past November one of three Sveriges Riksbank Prizes in Economic Sciences went the Professor Robert Shiller of Yale.  After years of giving its award to various University of Chicago Neanderthals, the Nobel Prize Committee finally made an inspired choice, picking a scholar whose work has shown that the returns from mainstream stock markets have historically been significantly lower than what the hype-sters on Wall Street claim.  As the Committee Read more

  • Welcome to Loca-Topia
    January 14, 2014   Blog Posts   1 comment

    Thanks for dropping by.  Chances are you “surfed” here because you are interested in local economies.  And that’s the core of what you’ll find on this site: news, events, books, studies, legislation, people, conferences, and trends concerning local economies.  This is a place for anyone who believes in the power of local ownership, locally owned business, and self-reliant communities.  You’ll find compelling stories of investors, consumers, and businesspeople who are Read more