Gimme Shelter (With Local Investment)

“Ooh, a storm is threatening My very life today If I don’t get some shelter Ooh yea, I’m gonna fade away.” – Rolling Stones We interrupt this election nail-biter for a special news flash:  No matter who wins the presidency, the country is facing a staggering housing crisis. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, communities across

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Vote Against Fake Economic Development

As you deliberate over your ballot decisions in the next few days, one choice should be easy: Ask whether any candidate favors giving away taxpayer money to attract global companies.  If the answer is “yes” – even a squishy conditional “yes” – throw the bum out. I have no clue where Vice President Joe Biden

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Put Down the Brick…

The summer of 2020 may be receding, but it now feels like the beginning of another summer, 1914, when a Serbian nationalist assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. What could have been an isolated tragedy escalated because of rigid alliances, heavy arms buildups, and stubborn pride.  World War I ultimately killed

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My Latest Book

“As so many Americans feel powerless to confront a financial system designed to serve the few, Shuman offers us real choices: tools that align our lives with our values. That’s power. I love this highly readable, timely, surprising book.” 
–Frances Moore Lappé, author of Daring Democracy and Diet for a Small Planet 

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Calendar of Events

December 14: ABCs of Local Investing in Montana, hosted by the Center for Community Ownership.