I’m delighted to perform contract work – short or long term, and with or without other collaborators – for any clients who are interested in my approach to economic development, which emphases locally owned business, community self-reliance, high labor and environmental standards, and self-financing economic-development programs (which I call “meta-businesses”).  You can learn more about this approach and about my contracting here.

Most of my contracts fall into the following categories:

  • Leakage Analysis – Increasingly, communities ask for a short (20-30 page) leakage analysis, along with recommendations for meta-businesses.  (Typical Cost is $5-$15,000)
  • Local Economy Assessment – I work with counties and communities to thoroughly vet the obstacles and opportunities for expanding local small business.  This includes a leakage analysis, but also involves extensive focus groups, interviewing, and research.   ($25,000-$50,000)
  • Meta-Business Plan – Some communities want to follow up our leakage analysis with a meta-business plan, which we then help locate start-up funding for.  ($25,000-$50,000)
  • Food Localization – I can prepare an analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing food localization, as I did for Metro Cleveland (OH) tag heuer replica.  This usually requires 6-9 months of work.  ($25,000-$75,000)
  • Economic Analysis – For some clients, I’m prepared to undertake a unique economic analysis for a specific need.  In recent years, for example, I have analyzed the economic benefits of North Carolina shifting four large dams from private to public ownership, and I have helped the Port of Baltimore assess the economic benefits of public decision-making in its dredging decisions.  ($25,000-$50,000)


To download PDFs of these studies, click here.

Michael H Shuman