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  • 27 Resolutions for Community Renewal (Part II)

    Last week, I offered 18 of 27 New Year’s Resolutions on how you can create a vibrant local investment ecosystem. You and your neighbors can use your savings to boost your community’s economy and speed its recovery from COVID-19. I suggested ways to get your local businesses “investment ready,” to create more investment options for local business, to mobilize grassroots investors, and to marry businesses and investors through dynamic intermediaries.  Read more

  • The words 2021 Happy New Year set against a night sky with fireworks

    27 New Year Resolutions for Community Renewal (Part I)

    Happy New Year!  If you are unsure how to fix your community after a year of COVID shutdowns, bankruptcies, deaths, and despair, I’d like to offer 27 resolutions.  The focus of all 27 is how to jump-start your economy by mobilizing local capital for local businesses, projects, and people, in relatively easy and inexpensive ways. This week, I’ll offer 18 resolutions you can do as individuals, nonprofits, or businesses.  In Read more

  • The Rural Renaissance

    If you believe the portrait of rural America depicted in the Netflix film Hillbilly Elegy, you might conclude that its residents are hopelessly impoverished, addicted, and depressed. That’s also the view of Eduardo Porter in “The Hard Truth of Trying to ‘Save’ Rural America,”  whose much-discussed piece in the New York Times argues that the economic decline of rural America is so severe and irreversible that it may be better Read more

  • Stop Cluster-f**king Communities

    Please, no! Not another economic development study on how to expand the local clusters!  Haven’t we learned anything about the fragility of global dependencies from this pandemic? Last week, I spent several hours reading two recent economic-development studies done for Ulster County, New York. One was entitled “Food and Agriculture Cluster Development.”  It was a serious piece of work by ACDS LLC and Fairweather Consulting in early 2017.  Because Ulster Read more

  • The Case Against Dumb Localization

    Congratulations, fellow localizers!  Our arguments are winning!  Why else would the globalization elite be going out of their way to attack us? The lead editorial of the November 7th issue of the Economist skeptically asks, “Why Is the Idea of Import Substitution Being Revived?”  Import substitution, of course, is a technical term for localization, where local goods and services replace nonlocal ones. Many economists and developing countries embraced import substitution Read more