Over the past 30 years, I have given more than one invited talk per week in almost every U.S. state and eight other countries.  Honestly, I love public speaking, because it gives me an opportunity to explain difficult, arcane topics in simple, hopefully entertaining terms to people who care about their communities.

Given the social distancing rules required during the COVID-19 pandemic, any in-person speaking events will need to be deferred.  But I’m happy to do virtual events, and start talking about future potential in-person speaking opportunities.  If you’re interested in having me speak, you can download my general speaking terms here. I’m happy to speak on almost any topic you’d like, in almost any format – including debates.  Typically, I speak on my recent books or studies, which means I tend to speak about:

  • How Localization Serves Economic Development
  • Why Local Businesses Are Becoming More Competitive
  • How To Undertake Local Economic Development
  • Finance Localization
  • Food Localization
  • Energy Localization

Michael H Shuman