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We publish The Main Street Journal, a hub for local investing news and events, to expand the audience, reach, and power of the emerging local investment movement in the United States. Shifting even a small fraction of the tens of trillions Americans have invested in Wall Street to local businesses, projects, and people on Main Street, can have a huge impact on community prosperity, environmental sustainability, and social justice.

Today, the local investment movement is spread among dozens of organizations competing for scarce resources and a limited audience. The Main Street Journal aims to unify, enlarge, and empower this movement. Every other Thursday, look for a round-up of news clips, voices from our partners, and a list of key events providing you with an easy-to-use entry point into the field. We will also share other content about local investments you might have missed and, in time, tools for finding “fellow travelers” in your own community.

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Michael H Shuman