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Where Michael Has Spoken




Where Michael Has Spoken

Local Investment Workshops
University Lectures
Organizational Lectures and Keynotes
Major Media Appearances
Major Conference Addresses
Noteworthy Talks & Consultations Involving Governments


Local Investment Workshops (2012)

Athens, OH
Hamilton, ON
Ithaca, NY
Oberlin, OH
Princeton, NJ
Ukiah, CA

University Lectures

American University (1990‑1998, 2005)
Bennington College (2002)
College of the Atlantic (2004)
Columbia Law School (1995)
Cornell Law School (1994)
Five Colleges Peace Studies Program (1994)
Harvard JFK School (1998)
Hartwick College (2012)
Indiana University (2000)
Michigan State University (1999, 2001)
Montclair State University (1998)
Oberlin College (2012)
Ohio State (2011)
Presidio School of Management (2010)
Princeton University (1988, 1990, 2002)
Ramapo College (1999, 2002)
Rutgers University (1996)
San Francisco State (1988)
Sonoma State (1987, 1988)
Stanford University (1980, 1986, 1987)
U.C. Berkeley (1987)
U.C. Santa Cruz (1987)
University of Cincinnati (2012)
University of Iowa – Iowa City (1995)
University of Kentucky (1998, 2006-2011)
University of Maryland (2012)
University of Michigan (2001, 2009)
University of Minnesota (2009)
University of Pennsylvania (1998)
University of Pittsburgh (1990)
University of Texas – Austin (1993)
University of Vermont (2000, 2002)
University of Virginia (2000)
University of Washington (2003)
University of Western Michigan (2001)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (2005)
University of Wisconsin, Osh Kosh (2005)
World College West (1986)
Yale University (1994, 2002)

Organization Lectures & Keynotes

American Council of Chamber of Commerce Executives (1996, 1997)
Baltimore Peace Commission (1989)
Bioneers (2005)
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (2002-Present)
Columbia Institute Leadership Forum in British Columbia (2011)
Chinese Consulate (1988)
Consumer Cooperative Management Association (2010)
DC Local First (2012)
Economics of Happiness (2012)
Integrated Food Systems Program of the Kellogg Foundation (1997)
International Peace Walk (1988, 1989)
Iowa Entrepreneurs (2012)
Kellogg Foundation Integrated Food and Farming Systems Program (1997-Present)
Lehigh Valley Community Action Council (1998)
Marin Peace Commission (1988)
Minnesota League of Cities (1987)
National League of Cities (1986, 1987, 1988)
Northern California AAUW (1986)
Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Council (1999, 2003)
Peak Oil (2005)
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (1999)
Presidency of the European Union (1999)
Responsible Business Minnesota (2004)
Santa Cruz Center for Nonviolence (1988)
Social Ventures Network (2001)
United Nations Association of New York (2002)
United Nations Association of Northern California (1987)
Washington, D.C., Peace Commission (1989)
Weaver Street Market in Carboro, NC (2009)

Major Media Appearances

All Things Considered (1981, 1996, 2004, 2005)
American Interests (1986)
Jim Bohannon Show (1993)
Digital Journeys (2000)
Mort Downey Show (1987)
The Exchange with Laura Kinnoy (2011)
Fox (D.C.) Morning News (1993)
Michael Krasney Show (2000)
MacNeil‑Lehrer News Hour (1992)
Derek McGuinty Show (1994)
Kojo Nnandi Show (2009, 2012)
Talk of the Nation (1992, 1993)

Major Conference Addresses

Alternatives to Star Wars, U.C. Berkeley (1986)
Anthroposophical Society, upstate New York (1999) (Keynote)
BALLE (2001-Present)
Citizen Diplomacy Conference, Chicago (1987)
Conference on Sustainable Letcher County (1999) (Keynote)
Conference on Sustainable Rockester (1999) (Keynote)
Conference on the Fate of the Earth, Ottawa (1986)
Dutch National Congress on Municipal Foreign Policy, Amsterdam (Keynote Speaker) (1989)
Ecotech Conference (1994)
Economics of Happiness (2012)
Environmental Grantmakers Association (2009)
Ford Foundation Livable Communities Network (1999)
Holland‑Nicaragua Sister Cities Steering Committee (1990)
International North‑South Conference on Community‑based Development Initiatives, Berlin (Keynote Speaker) (1992)
International Union of Local Authorities, The Hague (1995)
Iowa Small Towns Association (2009)
Kansas-Missouri Local Food (2010)
Main Street – North Carolina (2009)
Main Street – Ohio (2010)
Main Street – Washington (2012)
Meadowcreek Youth Gathering (1988)
Mind at War Conference, U.C. Berkeley (1988)
National Rural Economics Association (2010)
Nelson Annual Teach‑Ins, Nelson (British Columbia) (1987)
NOFA – Connecticut (2010)
North Carolina Local Food (2010)
Pennsylvania Association on Sustainable Agriculture (1999)
River Valley Market in Northampton, MA  (2009)
Riverside Church Conference on Intervention (1987)
South‑North Linking Conference, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (1990)
TEDx, Vermont (2010)
U.S.‑Nicaragua Sister City Conference, Managua (Keynote Speaker) (1988)
Winstar Conference, Aspen (1988)
Wyoming Women Entrepreneurs (2012)

Noteworthy Talks & Consultations Involving Governments   (1986 ‑ Present)

Anne Arundel County, Maryland (2001-present)
Arlington, Virginia (2009)
Australia (multi-city tour in 2009)
Belfast, ME (2009)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2011)
Berea, KY (2006, 2011, 2012)
Berkeley, California (1989)
Boulder, Colorado (1989, 2011)
Burlington, Vermont & state of Vermont (1998-99)
Byron Bay, Australia (2011)
Cabarrus County, NC (2011-12)
Calgary, AB (2010, 2011)
Carbondale, Colorado (2006)
Cedar Falls, Iowa (1986)
Central Park, NC (2009)
Charleston, SC (2010)
Cleveland, Ohio (2009, 2010, 2011)
Coeur d’Alene, ID (2011)
Colorado Spring, CO (2012)
Davidson County, NC (2010-11)
Delaware County, New York (2009)
Delaware Economic Development (2010)
Des Moines, Iowa (1986)
Duluth, Minnesota (1988)
Durham, North Carolina (1987)
Eastern Kentucky, in various counties (2007-2012)
Edmonton, AB (2009)
El Centro, CA  (2011)
Hamilton, Ontario (2007, 2012)
Hawaii Economic Development (2010)
Iowa City, Iowa (1995)
Irvine, California (1986)
Ithaca, NY (2011)
Jacksonville, Florida (2004)
Jersey, United Kingdom (2010)
Kalamazoo, Michigan (2001)
Keene, NH (2011)
Letcher County, Kentucky (1999)
Louisville, Kentucky (1987)
Madison, California (1989, 2006)
Marquette, MI (2010)
Maryland Small Business Development Centers (2010)
Merced, CA (2011)
Michigan Economic Development (2009)
Nagoya, Japan (1999)
Nevada County, CA (2011)
New Haven, Connecticut (1987)
New York, New York (1990)
Northern California (NorTEC) Economic Development (2010)
Oregon Rural Developers (2009)
Oregon State Tourism Department (2012)
Oroville, CA (2011)
Portland, Maine (2009,2012)
Portland, Oregon (1988)
Portugal (1999)
Pt. Townsend, Washington (2009)
Pulaski County, Kentucky (1998)
Putney, VT (2010, 2011)
Reston, Virginia (2009, 2011)
Santa Fe, New Mexico (2003-Present)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2009)
Seattle, Washington (2003)
Sacramento, CA (1985)
San Francisco, CA (1985)
Sault Ste. Marie, ON (2011)
Serenbe, GA (2010)
Sonoma County, CA (2010, 2011)
Spokane, WA (2002)
St. Paul, Minnesota (1987)
Timmins, ON (2009)
Traverse City, MI (2010)
United Nations Development Programme, Bratislava (2000-2001)
United Nations Development Programme, Moscow (2002)
Utah Rural Developers (2009)
Western Massachusetts (various cities) (1987, 2001)
Wetzel County, WV (2011)
Yellow Springs, Ohio (2009)


Book Chapters
Major Studies, Reports, and Directories
Major Magazine and Journal Article
Newspaper Articles
Principal Articles for the Bulletin of Municipal Foreign Policy

Substantive Books

Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Move Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity (Chelsea Green, 2012).

The Small-Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition (Berrett-Koehler, 2006)

Encyclopedia of Community (Sage, 2004) (senior co-editor)

Local Rights and Global Wrongs:  The Legality of Municipal Foreign Policies (forthcoming)

Going Local:  Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age (Free Press, 1998; paperback by Routledge, 2000)

Towards A Global Village (London:  Pluto, 1994).

Technology for the Common Good (Washington: IPS, 1993) (co‑ editor).

Conditions of Peace:  An Inquiry (New York:  Talman, 1992) (co‑editor).

Security Without War:  A Post‑Cold War Foreign Policy  (Boulder: Westview, 1993) (lead co‑author).

Citizen Diplomats:  Pathfinders in Soviet‑American Relations (New York: Continuum, 1987) (co-author).


Book Chapters

“The Competitiveness of Local Living Economies,” in Daniel Lerch, ed.,  The Post-Carbon Reader (Chelsea Green, 2010).

“Relocalizing Business,” in Eric Assadourian, ed., Worldwatch State of the World 2010 (Norton, 2010).

“Local Living Economies,” in The Encyclopedia of Sustainability (Great Barrington, MA:  Berkshire, 2010)

“Reshaping Communities for Rural Development & Food Systems,” in Sustainable Economic Community Development (Kellogg Foundation).

“Foreword,” in Fran McManus & Wendy Rickard, eds., Cooking Fresh from the Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey:  NOFA, forthcoming).

“Foreword,” in Green Buying Guide for the Northeast (Mothers & Others, 1999).

“Foreword,” in Fran McManus, ed., Eating Fresh from the Organic Garden State (New Jersey:  NOFA, 1997).

“Ten Steps to Community Self-Reliance,” in Trent Schroyer, ed., A World That Works (New York:  Bootstrap, 1997).

“Lilliputian Power: A World Economy As If Community Mattered,” in Marcus Arruda, John Cavanagh, and Daphne Wysham, eds., Beyond Bretton‑Woods (London: Pluto Press, 1994).

“Introduction,” in Richard Caplan and John Feffer, eds., State of the Union 1994 (Boulder: Westview, 1994).

“A Separate Peace Movement,” in Michael Shuman & Julia Sweig, eds., Conditions of Peace:  An Inquiry (New York: Talman, 1991).

“Participatory Peace Policies,” in Chester Hartman & Dan Smith, eds., Paradigms Lost (London:  Pluto Press, 1991).

“Participatory Foreign Policy,” in Dan Levitan, ed., Horrendous Death, Health, and Well‑Being (New York:  McGraw‑Hill, 1990).

“Effectiveness of the New Diplomats,” in Craig Comstock and Don Carlson, eds., Citizen Summitry (New York:  St. Martin’s Press, 1986) (co‑author).

“Acting Globally through Your Locality,” in Citizen Summitry, ibid.

Major Studies, Reports, and Directories


Growing the Berea (KY) Economy from the Inside Out (City of Berea, 2012), along with a dozen similar economic-leakage analyses in places noted earlier.

The 25% Shift:  The Benefits of Local Food for North East Ohio (Park Works, 2010) (senior co-author), along with a half-dozen similar food studies in places noted earlier.

Community Food Enterprise (Wallace Center, 2010) (senior co-author).

Buy Annapolis:  A Guide to Locally Owned Business (ProgressivePubs, 2002).

Rebuilding Effective Government:  Local-Level Initiatives in Transition (United Nations Development Programme, 2001), (co-editor).

Chesapeake Friendly Chicken: Reinventing the Delmarva Poultry Industry (Chesapeake Bay Foundation, December 2000).

Financing A Community-Friendly Food System (Kellogg Foundation, 2000).

Urban Agriculture, Greenprint #1 (Village Foundation, September 1999).

111 Visionary Program Officers:  A Who’s Who of Progressive Foundations (ProgressivePubs, 1999).

Progressive Directory of Organizations in Washington (Progressive Resources, 1997).

Community‑Based Development Initiatives (Hague: Towns and Development, 1992).

Having International Affairs Your Way:  A Five‑Step Briefing Manual for Citizen Diplomats (CID, January 1986).

Living without Harvard:  A Critique of the Harvard Nuclear Study Group”  (CID, November 1983).

Building Municipal Foreign Policies:  An Action Handbook , Center for Innovative Diplomacy, 1987.

Pacific Northwest Model Energy Plan, Natural Resources Defense Council, 1981 (co‑author).

Major Magazine/Journal Articles


“Local Stock Exchanges and National Stimulus,” in Community Development Investment Review (SF Federal Reserve), 5:2, 2009, pp. 81-84.

“Profits for Justice” (with Merrian Fuller), The Nation, 24 January 2005, pp. 13-21.

“The End of Globalization?”  Utne Reader, Summer 2002.

“My Fellow Lefties:  Stop It with the America-Bashing,” Weekly Standard, 18 February 2002, pp. 13-14.

“Why I Won’t Sign,” The Progressive, November 2001, p. 27.

“Amazing Shrinking Machines,” New Village Journal, Issue 2, 2000, pp. 17-32.

“Who’s Who in Philanthropy:  Lifting the Veil of Secrecy,” Chronicle on Philanthropy, 4 November 1999, p. 73.

“Community Entrepreneurship,” Shelterforce, September/October 1999, pp. 10-13/

“Community Corporations:  Engines for a New Place-Based Economics,” The Responsive Community, 3:9, Summer 1999,   pp. 50-57.

“What’s Wrong with Green Funding in America?,” Orion Afield, Summer 1999, pp. 32-35.

“Cheesehead Economics,” Yes!  Journal of Positive Futures, Spring 1999, pp. 30-31.

“Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age,” Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter, January-February 1999, pp. 1-7.

“Food for Thought:  Buying Local Makes Good Economic Sense,” Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Winter 1999,  p. 3.

“Progressive Philanthropy Should Cast a Wider Net,” Chronicle on Philanthropy, 5 November 1998, plus follow-up letters (Dec. 3 and Dec. 17) and author’s reply (Jan. 14).

“Going Local:  Devolution for Progressives,” The Nation, 12 October 1998,  pp. 11-15.

“Cheesehead Economics and Local Ownership,” Orion Afield, Autumn 1998, p. 17.

“Why Progressive Funds Give Too Little to Too Many,” The Nation, 12/18 January 1998, plus letters in March 23 issue.

“Force for Peace,” The Nation, July 17/24 1995, p. 77.

“GATTzilla v. Communities,” Cornell International Law Journal, Winter 1995.

“Local Foreign Policy v. Courts,” Foreign Policy, Spring 1992.  Response to letters in Autumn 1992 issue.

“What the Founders Really Intended,” Intergovernmental Perspective, Summer 1990.

“Grantees Bill of Rights,” Foundation News, March‑April 1989.

“Alternative Security,” In Context, January 1989 (co‑ authored with Hal Harvey).

“Thinking Globally, Acting Locally,” Nuclear Times, May‑June 1987.

“Soviet‑American Citizen Exchange Initiatives,” Nuclear Times, November‑December 1986.

“Local Foreign Policies,” Foreign Policy, Winter 1986‑ 87.

“The Environmental Catastrophe of Nuclear War,” Not Man Apart, December 1983 (co‑authored with Jim Harding).

“The Mouse that Roared,” The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 1981.  Also see “Response” in April 1981 issue.

Newspaper Articles


“For A Peace Movement Worthy of the Name,” San Francisco Chronicle, 5 November 2001, p. A19.

“Beware GATT’s Impact on America’s Cities,” New York Times, 20 November 1994.

“Bring Together New Dealers and New Democrats,” Washington Post Outlook Section, September 1994.

“In the East Bloc, It’s Lennon ‑‑ Not Lenin,” New York Times, 1 January 1990.

“City Diplomacy,” San Francisco Examiner, 26 February 1987, p. A‑9 (reprinted in a dozen other papers).

“Stanford Sheep and the Nuclear Wolf,” Sunday San Francisco Chronicle Examiner, 25 March 1984.

“‘Nuclear Winter’ New Impetus for Arms Reductions,”  The San Jose Mercury News, 30 November 1983.

Principal Articles for the Bulletin of Municipal Foreign Policy

“Democracy vs. GATT‑zilla,” Autumn 1990.

“A Tale of Two Courts,” Summer 1990.

“Cities on Drugs,” Spring 1990.

“Two Wrongs Don’t Make Human Rights: Keep Up Sister City Ties with China,” Winter 1989‑90.

“Bush‑Whacking:  A Foreign Policy Agenda for the People,” Winter 1988‑89.

“Liberate Your Community from the Pentagon,” Autumn 1988.

“From Charity to Justice: European Cities Send Aid Abroad,” Autumn 1988.

“Put Ollie in State Prison:  Think Globally, Sue Locally,” Summer 1988.

“Who Should Conduct Foreign Policy:  A Response to Peter Spiro,” Spring 1988.




Bronze Prize for Best Business Book, Independent Publishers’ Association

Public Service Award, San Francisco State Univ.

Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellow

MacArthur Foundation Research & Writing Fellow

Eugene Rabinowitch Essay Award for “How to Prevent Nuclear War” (best of 800 submissions)

Hilmer Oehlmann Award for Legal Brief Writing, Stanford Law School


Michael H Shuman