Radio, Webinars and Videos

“How Can Local Investing Create Impact?,” VoizDAO Sustainable Finance Summit, February 7, 2022

“Global to Local: Who Has the Map,” Local Futures World Localization Day panel discussion, with Judy Wicks and Richard Heinberg, June 20, 2021

Juneau Economic Development Council Alaska Innovation Summit, Keynote Presentation, April 8, 2021, and Summit Roundup/Key Takeaways, April 9, 2021

“Sustainable Resolutions for 2021,” SouthEast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, March 17, 2021

“The ABCs of Local Investment,” Neighborhood Associates and Community Wealth Builders, February 25, 2021

“Reboot, Revitalize and Rebel: Why the Future of Montgomery County Depends on Small Businesses,” Montgomery County Small Business Association, February 24, 2021

“A Checklist for Neighborhood Local Investment Champions,” The Next Egg, February 24, 2021

“Rebuilding Better – Local Investment Networks and the Post-COVID Economy,” TwispWorks, January 27, 2021

“Building Local Economies,” Revalue Investing, December 8, 2020

“Cutting Edge Local Investment Opportunities,” The Climate Economy Education Inc., November 17, 2020

Women Shaping the New Economy Virtual Seminar, California Women’s Business Centers, October 30, 2020

“Supporting the Local Economy,” The Climate Economy Education Inc., October 26, 2020

“Rebooting Your Economy After COVID” webinar, The Local Crowd Monadnack, October 15, 2020

“Building Local Economies,” Ashland Works, October 13, 2020

“Using Pension Funds to Bolster Your Coop and Community,” 2020 Co-op Power Annual Climate Justice Summit, October 4, 2020

Webinar on “Building Local Economies, Sustainable Otsego, September 16, 2020

Money Answers Show live interview, September 14, 2020

School for Humanity podcast, September 8, 2020

Mastering Your Money radio show, with Ed Fulbright, NPR station MNCU, August 23, 2020

The Dave Pamah Show, “How to Beat a Down Economy,” August 19, 2020

Beyond50 Radio Show, with Daniel Davis, “How to Beat a Down Economy—and Revive Main Street—by Putting Your Money to Work Locally,” August 6, 2020 

North Carolina Business Council virtual roundtable, “How to Sustain Small Businesses During Economic Crisis,” July 23, 2020

Village Well Online Workshop, “The New Local – Building Resilient and Regenerative Places,” July 22, 2020 webinar, “The 12 Best Local Investments—and 8 Ways You Can Find Them,” July 21, 2020

Progressive Radio Network All Together Now Show, “How to Put Your Money Where Your Life Is,” interview by Ellen LeCain, July 17, 2020

Las Cruces City Council, “Economic Development Best Practices,” July 13, 2020 (Las Cruces Sun News article)

Schumacher Center for a New Economics, with Judy Wicks, Jul 9, 2020

Resilient Futures podcast, with Global Strategist Larry Quick, “Straight Talk in the COVID Economy: Local Community Economies,” July 2, 2020

Future Seeds Podcast, “Your Future is Local,” July 2020

School for Startups Entrepreneurship Radio Interview

Yale School of Management Exchange, “Regenerative Finance:A Path to Economic Justice,” with Janice Shade, Founder, The Initiative for Capital, June 29, 2020

American Voice Radio, Financial Survival Show, June 23, 2020

Local Futures Economics of Happiness, World Localization Day, June 21, 2020

“Making the Most for Main Street: A Discussion About Strong Local Economies,” Confluence Philanthropy 3rd Annual Advisors Forum and Climate Summit, June 2, 2020

Connecticut Sustainable Business Council, “How to Invest Locally for COVID Reconstruction,” May 28, 2020

Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance Webinar, “Recovery Strategies for Long-Term Resilience,” May 28, 2020

Climate Economy Action Network Metro East Region Webinar, “Community Resilience Through Local Investment and Funding Strategies,” May 27, 2020

Canadian Urban Institute City Talks Webinar, “Cities in the Time of COVID-19: How Will We Bring Back Our Mainstreets,” May 19, 2020

Author/Speaker/Radio Host Ellen Brown’s “It’s Our Money” show, “Time to Think Hard about Local Investment,” April 20, 2020

Michael H Shuman